Strategic Success Formula - Program Benefits

Learning institutions benefits

• Outsource Student Career Development to a dedicated team reducing their internal costs for direct staff hires.
• Increased job placement success for students.
• Increased program satisfaction. Learning institutions benefit in countless ways.

Student and Parent benefits

• Students work with their dedicated coach whose goal is to see the student find a job.
• Reduced stress and uncertainty as they navigate career opportunities by working with a dedicated professional.
• A career strategy based on the students’ talents and passions.

Employer benefits

• Save time in the hiring process
• Tap in to a pool of upcoming graduates or recent graduates which will save you money from having to advertise for applicants.
• Background checks will maximize your time and reduce employee turnover.
• Job interviews will be done for you. All applicants forwarded for your review will have already been pre-screened to determine the right fit for you and your company.